Graphic Design Learning Outcome 11

Image found here. In this learning outcome I explored possible career opportunities in graphic design locally and nationally. Firstly I looked at jobs in Graphics designing and explained what their duties are. Creative Director: A creative director is a position found in graphic designing, filming, music, video games and more. The creative director is seen […]

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Graphics Design Learning Outcome 7

Shepard Fairey Shepard Fairey is an American American street artist, graphic designer, activist illustrator and founder of OBEY Clothing. He was born on February 15th 1970 in Charleston, South Carolina, United States. In 1988 he graduated high school from Idyllwild Arts Academy then In 1992 he earned a bachelor in of Fine Arts in Illustration from […]

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Graphics Design Learning Outcome 4

Image found here. In this learning outcome I identified graphic design application. There are three main pieces of software that are used for graphics design they are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. For the first question I was asked which software I would use for business cards and a company van. I answered […]

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Graphics Design Learning Outcome 3

Image found from Here. In this learning outcome we looked at positive and negative attributes of selected graphic design examples, to include logos, signage, packaging design and advertising. We first watched a video by Michael Bierut who is a graphics designer from MIT who made the 2016 presidential logo for Hillary Clinton, In this video that […]

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