Safe Working Environment

Image taken from Here. Noble Artists is a gaming software company where we specialise in creating games, We are based in Dublin, Ireland & proud to call ourselves Ireland’s first big gaming company. Bringing in a expert for his advice. Develop a plan for risks & hazards. Do fire drills annually. Develop a evacuation plan. […]

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Workplace safety – PPE

Head Protection Image taken from Here Head Protection on building sites is part of regulation it protects your head from building equipment, pieces of debris from hitting you’re head. Eye/Face protection Image taken from here. Face protection protects you’re eyes & face from dust or sparks.   Ear Protection Image taken from Here Ear muffins […]

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Career Prep – E2

The qualities of an Ideal Employee, A good employee is an individual who shows up on time, delivers quality work on schedule and displays professional behaviour. Good employees are frequently organised, motivated and willing to go beyond the normal scope of the job when required, Here is a list of an ideal employee. Dependable: Consistently following […]

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What is Brexit? Brexit is a commonly used term for the United Kingdom’s planned withdrawal from the European Union with a margin of 52% in favour of leave & 48% in favour of remain, (Here is a short video explaining Brexit). Following the 2016 referendum vote to leave the UK government officially started the withdrawal process […]

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