Media Expression Learning Outcome 3 – Production Methods

In this learning module we looked at Production Methods and the three stages of production, terminology, studio layouts, equipment and types of sound. We first looked at the three different stages of production. Pre-production, production and post-production we then brainstormed words to do with each stage. We also looked at the similarities between television and […]

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Media Expression Learning Outcome 6 – Health, Safety, Welfare and Personal Hygiene

In this learning outcome we took a look at Health, Safety, Welfare and Personal Hygiene and how important it really is when filmmaking. We first brainstormed some risks about working in Media Production. We then looked at some hazards you may encounter working on a location filming shoot and how you may counter it by […]

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Technical Terms

Image taken from Here. Here are a few words and their definitions that are used on set during the production of filming. Pre-Production: is before shooting starts it usually involves setting the locations and writing the script. Image taken from Here. High definition: is a higher degree of detail in an image or screen. Image […]

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