Media Expression Learning Outcome 3 – Production Methods

In this learning module we looked at Production Methods and the three stages of production, terminology, studio layouts, equipment and types of sound. We first looked at the three different stages of production. Pre-production, production and post-production we then brainstormed words to do with each stage. We also looked at the similarities between television and […]

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Learning Outcome 10 – Digital Media Technology Internet Policy.

In this learning outcome I learned how to apply legal requirements of digital media technology usage to include copyright laws, workplace policies, privacy legislation and other applicable legislation. Copyright and Related Rights Act I learned that copyright is a legal concept that is enforced by governments to protect the authors of original work. Image found […]

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Learning Outcome 6 – Digital Media Technology and creation of an online identity.

Image from here What is an online identity and why would you use one. An online identity is a type of username you cream for sites/platforms like PSN, Twitter or Facebook you would create one to help identify rather than using your real name. 2. What is Social Media Optimisation. Social media optimisation is the […]

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How Digital Media technology can be used for personal entertainment and convenience

  Image found here. Smartphones nowadays have become a major part of our day to day life especially with many of the younger generations having access or owning a mobile phone. Technology has improved so much that people can use social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram to communicate with relatives or friends in a matter […]

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Internet Skills Learning Outcome 3

In this Learning Outcome we looked at terminology such as URLs, Hyperlinks, search engines, social networks, blogs and e-learning. We first started with naming five websites that we use regularly each day like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and WordPress and what sort of information you can find on them. We then needed to name the […]

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