Digital Media Learning Outcome 6 – Security & Copyright


Image found here

I learned what/how computer viruses like malware & trojans infect you’re hardware,Way’s of protecting against viruses & Anti-virus software names.

Secondly we learned on the importance on backing up you’re files on The Cloud/Google Drive to prevent files from being lost.

Thirdly we learned on the rights & terms of copyrighted material on how companies trademark Logos, catchphrases.

Here is a short video on the concept of copyrighted material.

Here is a link to a Website on copyrighted information in Ireland.

Creative commons is the opposite of copyrighted material it focuses mainly on ‘fair use’ which let’s you use copyrighted videos, images & trademarks for educational purposes you also have to leave the the name of the site/company you got the information/image from aswell.

You can find out about Creative commons here.


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