Learning Outcome 2 – Using a Digital Camera

Today we learned a number of things starting with photography basics explaining how cameras work & the advantages of digital cameras over film one’s, next we learned how to remove, replace & charge the battery then how to remove, replace the SD card.

Secondly we learned how to keep a camera in good working condition in a number of ways like a cleaning kit for dust & hand prints on the lens to a padded bag for carrying you’re camera around with you keeping it from scratches & falling.

Thirdly we learned how to properly hold the camera which would lead to clearer photos and prevent blurring, we then found out about four new lenses types for different photograph opportunity’s like Telephoto, Fisheye, Wide angle & Macro lenses, next we used light painting which is where you use the flashlight from you’re phone infront of a camera to draw an image while the camera lens is open.

Here’s is the right way of holding a Camera,


Here’s is the wrong way of holding a camera,


Here are three images we done with light painting.






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