YouTube History Channels

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I. KnowledgeHub

KnowledgeHub is a channel where he combined’s History & Geography into an animated short from Super-Continents before Pangea to the Great Depression in the USA great place to learn interesting stuff, (He’s channel can be found Here).

II. Geography Now

Geography Now is in the same sense but rather he does Geography more then History but he still does a good job talking about different countries cultures, religions, Important figure heads & so on, (He’s channel can be found Here).

III. AlternateHistoryHub

AlternateHistoryHub is KnowledgeHub’s main channel but it focuses on more Alternate History like if the Americas had never existed/discovered, what if the Axis won WWII, What if Reagan never became President, He does a good job on narration & animation, (He’s channel can be found Here).

IV. Suibhne

Suibhne does the animated history of countries in alphabetical order from how they we’re formed to historical events like the wars they we’re involved in example the 100’s year war between England & France, (He’s channel can be found Here).

V. The Great War

The Great War channel focuses on WWI it’s educational & very detailed they do ten minutes to an hour videos on separate things like the involved countries history leading up to the war, (Their channel can be found Here).

VI. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt is a new channel I just discovered recently their a bit of everything from 10 minute videos about history to topics going on around the world today like the Syria Crisis, (Their channel can be found Here).

VII. Second Thought

Second Thought is a channel based on mainly History, Politics, Science & things we think of asking everyday but never do they kinda think outside the box they’re videos are mainly animated based, (Their channel can be found Here).

VIII. Ten Minute History

Ten minute History usually does a ten minute video on things like the Russian/French revolution it’s an animated short as-well, (Their channel can be found Here).


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