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What is Brexit? Brexit is a commonly used term for the United Kingdom’s planned withdrawal from the European Union with a margin of 52% in favour of leave & 48% in favour of remain, (Here is a short video explaining Brexit).

Following the 2016 referendum vote to leave the UK government officially started the withdrawal process on March 29 2017, giving them until April 2019 to make suitable arrangements with the European Union.

Consequences of Brexit,

After the referendum results we’re in the-then prime minister David Cameron who was well received by the European Union resigned from he’s post as PM leaving the spot open for Theresa May to become Prime Minister,

There are also talks about a possible border check-point being introduced between The North & The Republic of Ireland which would cause a nuisance between people who live on one side & have a job on the other it would also be one of two borders between the UK (The other being Gibraltar with Spain) which in turn will be very regulated by the EU with leaders like Junker & Merkel wanting to show a force to other member states don’t have ideas of leaving & following the United Kingdom.

Also Brexit has brought the British pound to 13.1% down a 31-year-low which is worse even with the pound during the US financial crisis.


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