Career Prep – E2

The qualities of an Ideal Employee,

A good employee is an individual who shows up on time, delivers quality work on schedule and displays professional behaviour. Good employees are frequently organised, motivated and willing to go beyond the normal scope of the job when required, Here is a list of an ideal employee.

  • Dependable: Consistently following through,
  • Positive work attitude: Creating a good environment,
  •  Strong work ethic: Setting and achieving goals,
  • Team-oriented: Making the most out of collaboration,
  • Effective communicator: Understanding the benefits of clarity,
  • Flexible: Adapting in a meaningful way,
  • Self-motivated: Working effectively with little direction.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOlAAAAJDFlMTQ2ZGY0LTJjNjItNGM0Ni1hM2U4LWZiOTBmMGI1MWE0Yg

The qualities of an ideal employer,

Good employers work to build a sustainable company culture based on traits that the employees find important in their line of work. This can include hiring friendly coworkers who show intelligence or flexibility. They also work to provide diversity in the workforce, giving workers the opportunity to work with and learn from coworkers who bring different viewpoints to the company, Here is a list of traits & qualities of a Good employer.

  • Communicative: willing, eager, or able to talk or impart information,
  • Dedicated: devoted to a task or a purpose,
  • Flexible: able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances (Employee ringing in sick etc.),
  • Open to new ideas & Feedback from employees,
  • Recognise employee Accomplishments & reward them.


Coping mechanisms for dealing with unemployment,

  • Talking to people,
  • Staying positive,
  • Having a proper schedule,
  • Have a plan to find work,
  • Practice relaxation techniques.


Coping mechanisms for dealing with a career change,

  • Do research,
  • Keep in mind that a switch doesn’t mean a mess-up,
  • Know that nothing is permanent,
  • Remember, experience is a great teacher.


Coping mechanisms for dealing with a new working


  • Arrive on time or a bit early,
  • Talk to colleagues,
  • Trust the process,
  • Research your new position,
  • Visualize a great day.



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