Workplace safety – PPE

Head Protection


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  • Head Protection on building sites is part of regulation it protects your head from building equipment, pieces of debris from hitting you’re head.

Eye/Face protection


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  • Face protection protects you’re eyes & face from dust or sparks.


Ear Protection


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  • Ear muffins protect your ears from frost or they can be used to block & allow certain frequencies depending on the Headset.

Respiratory Protection


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  • The primary goal of a respiratory mask is to protect the wearer from dust, fogs, fumes, smokes, vapors or sprays.

Foot Protection


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  • Shoes made from leather or synthetic material can be resistant to chemicals/solvents so it’s ideal to wear these on a building site or other hazardous site.

Body Protection


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  • Body Protection protects the wearer from Injury or Infection, PPE is needed when hazards are present.

Weather Proof Clothingchild-font-b-weatherproof-b-font-waterproof-overalls-children-boys-girls-pants-trousers-overalls-kids-pants.jpg

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  • Weather proof clothing is ideal for fishermen or people working down at the docks it helps when it’s wet out or when their on the job catching fish etc..

Reflective Clothing


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  • Reflective clothing helps identify you if it’s night time or it’s very dark the clothing lights up to a greenish, whitish color so you stick out from the crowd

Safety Harness


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  • Safety Harness have significantly reduced the lives lost during construction so it’s obvious all jobs relating to being up high is required to wear a harness to avoid falling to the ground.

Safety ropes


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  • Safety ropes are mainly used by roofers when they are replacing, adding tiles to the roof so as they can balance & not fall of the roof to cause Injury also safety ropes are also used in a number of outdoor sports like rock climbing or bungie jumping.

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