Safe Working Environment


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Noble Artists is a gaming software company where we specialise in creating games, We are based in Dublin, Ireland & proud to call ourselves Ireland’s first big gaming company.

  • Bringing in a expert for his advice.
  • Develop a plan for risks & hazards.
  • Do fire drills annually.
  • Develop a evacuation plan.
  • Explain the importance of correct procedures for fire drills, accidents and emergencies.
  • Discuss a range of fire safety equipment in the workplace (fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and smoke alarms)
  • Having the legislation governing Health & Safety in all workplaces to include employers and employees responsibilities.
  • Having a Health and Safety statement and its importance for the workplace.
  • That each staff member has the right set-up (Adjustable chair etc..)
  • Carrying out the correct procedure for checking that smoke alarms are working.

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