YouTube History Channels

I. KnowledgeHub KnowledgeHub is a channel where he combined’s History & Geography into an animated short from Super-Continents before Pangea to the Great Depression in the USA great place to learn interesting stuff, (He’s channel can be found Here). II. Geography Now Geography Now is in the same sense but rather he does Geography more […]

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Video Project

Interview on Brexit. Brexit description Today we did an interview about Brexit covering on what it is, Why the British decided to leave the European Union & What is Article 50 (The Lisbon Act), We used the Digital Media room to record a 1 minute interview about Brexit using the Green screen & camcorder.   […]

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Types of Lenses

Wideangle Lens Image taken from here. Image taken from Here. Fisheye lens Image taken from Here. Image taken from Here. Telephoto lens. Image taken from Here. Macro lens Image taken from Here. Image taken from Here.

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