Production Job Titles

              Image taken from Here. Here are a few Production Job Titles related to production filming. Actors are people who portray characters on stage, films or on television. Image taken from Here. Assistant Editor is a person who is of lower rank but assists a senior person. Image taken […]

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Media Expression Learning Outcome 1

Today we looked at different television and radio formats, broadcast schedules and some of the roles of people have in television and radio production. Firstly we brainstormed different television production formats like prequel/sequel, Spinoffs, Pilot, Holiday special etc. Next we compared two production formats Documentary and Pilot the difference between both is a documentary has […]

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Safe Working Environment

Image taken from Here. Noble Artists is a gaming software company where we specialise in creating games, We are based in Dublin, Ireland & proud to call ourselves Ireland’s first big gaming company. Bringing in a expert for his advice. Develop a plan for risks & hazards. Do fire drills annually. Develop a evacuation plan. […]

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Workplace safety – PPE

Head Protection Image taken from Here Head Protection on building sites is part of regulation it protects your head from building equipment, pieces of debris from hitting you’re head. Eye/Face protection Image taken from here. Face protection protects you’re eyes & face from dust or sparks.   Ear Protection Image taken from Here Ear muffins […]

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